Informatica Administrator - Roles and Responsibilities

Communicating to Business :

Informatica Admin acts as brand ambassador between the business and the  various projects teams involving Application Support Team ,Network, Database Teams, Storage and Unix teams.

Infrastructure Support :

Responsible to manage Development ,QA and Production environments.

Maintaining the standards :

Making sure that code is sync in all the three environments.

Outages Handling :
  1. Password Changes.
  2. Patch installation (Hot Fixes /Software's )
  3. Bouncing Activities or  Restarting the Services
  4. Network Changes
Monitoring :

We can discriminate both environment monitoring and load monitoring concepts instead of consolidating. These are major activities in Informatica administration..

Environment Monitoring :
  1. Constantly keeping eye on whether the infrastructure is readily available, I meant to say keep monitoring the readiness in the environment.
  2. System level parameter checks CPU spike, Memory utilization , Number of parallel loads (sessions) running on each node.
Here the 2nd option is most intricate one and intensive checks are needed.

Load Monitoring :
  1. Monitoring the loads (workflows) whether the loads are scheduled to respective timings.
  2. Recovery or Re-start in loads in case of any failures.
  3. Identifying the tardiness in loading process in case of any sessions are in hung status.
We've done automation for most of the above monitoring activities but still the manual re-checks are more important.
  1. Alerts Monitoring.
  2. Load Monitoring .
  3. Servers Monitoring.

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