Informatica Architecture (GRID Architecture)

  • Node :  It’s a logical representation of machine in a domain
  • Domain : Centralized unit for Informatica services ,Collection of nodes.
  • Integration Service :  Is a service responsible for running and scheduling of Jobs.Which makes Jobs to run ,fetches the data from source and loads in to target systems.
  • Repository Service : Is a service responsible for storing and retrieving of meta-data from the repository database.
  • Domain and Repository Databases : Both are the databases holds the meta-data objects.
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Types of Repositories :

Standalone Repository  :   Is an individual Repository and its not related to any of   the repositories in  the  domain.

Global Repository  :  It’s a centralized and shared repository in the domain.

Local Repository    :  It’s local to the global repository.

Versionsed Repository   :  Stores the multiple copies of the same object with    same name. It can be  either Local or Global    Repository.
Components Of Informatica Power center :

1. Repository Manager
2. Designer
3. Workflow Manager
4. Workflow Monitor
5. Administration Console/Informatica Administrator

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