Maximum and Minimum Ports and Processes in Informatica PowerCenter.

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Max and Min ports set for each Node in Informatica on Solaris How they are related to processes running On node .

Say Max .Process set On Node 300 and Max Min Ports On node range from 6005 -6105 .
Here are some more points as per infa No .of ports on node = No.of max .Processes set On node + services running On node ( repository , integration , web service ..etc ) .Now Increased port range on Node and process on node . Do these local ports need to be opened by Sysadmin ?? How do I find the ports are available for use ? How do i check ports are being used By informatica ? How the process are associated with ports ??? ..Please provide a complete explanation on this.
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Please use the below commands in order identify which process/service is using which port. Each and every Application, Services built on any operating systems runs as processes on operating system , operating system profiles are set to have a port per applications and processes per port.

  • netstat –p | grep service_name
  • netstat –p | grep pmrepagent
  • netstat –p | grep pmserver
  • netstat –p | grep pmdtm.
Min and Max Ports have to be set at the initial build of the infrastructure. Some time ports will get block if some other newly installed apps are on the same machine.No need to open new ports per my experience, When I used to increase the number of process to be run on node never asked Unix sysadmin to open the new ports. Because here topic again go back to the Load Balancing, informatica load balancer dispatches the tasks (processes) based on the resource availability and Dispatch mode set at the Domain properties.
 Default Ports Used For Informatica :
Domain port
To connect to client
Service Manager port
To connect to client
Service Manager shutdown
To connect to client
Informatica Administrator port
To connect to client
Informatica Administrator shutdown port
To connect to client
Range of ports for application services
6013 to 6113
To connect to client







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