How Daylight Saving Time Change - Impacts on the BI Loads and Reports ?

 Whenever the DST change happens system clock (server clock) will be reset 1 hour back in November and 1 hour forward in March.
  • System clock will  go forward to 3:00 AM EST after 1:59 AM EST in March.
  •  System clock will go back to 1:00 AM EST after 2:00 AM EST in November.
Impact on BI Infrastructure:

Per my experience on DST change Informatica Loads and Cognos/BO/OBIEE reports scheduled between DTS changes will be impacted and those behaves abnormally later the DST change. You will see most of the BI Reports and Loads waiting status and going to unknown status and most of the loads will not kickoff even if those reports/loads are scheduled.

What are the precautions and actions those needs to be taken during the day light saving ?
  •  All the BI loads and Reports should be unscheduled and kept hold before DST change happens.
  • Ensure that no Loads and Reports are in scheduled status during DST change duration.
  • Need to run the loads and report manually after the DST changes. 
  •  Ensure that the loads are scheduled as per the requirements once DST change completes.

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