Informatica Processes and Services

In regard to the question asked to us in linked-In discussion I have put a detailed note on powercenter services and processes per my expertise .

Each task and service which running on PowerCenter will run as process thread in operating system. If your PowerCenter infrastructure is built in Unix or Linux Redhat Enterprise Operating systems you can easily see how task or service behaves as a process thread in unix. I can list here the couple of services and processes.

·         Powercenter Domain  will be represented by Java process in Operating System, You can run the below command to identify the domain is up and running or not.

ps – eaf | grep Java

·         PowerCenter repository service will be represented by pmrepagent process

ps – eaf | grep pmrepagent

·         PowerCenter integration service will be represented by pmserver process

ps – eaf | grep pmserver

·         PowerCenter session tasks will be represented by pmdtm process

ps – eaf | grep pmdtm

·         Each session will be having it’s unique “pmdtm” Process Id which you can see in the Sesslog which will be the process thread Id in the operating system. 
You can use the below commands to identify your session process in Unix/Linux.

          ps –ef | grep pmdtm
ps –ef | grep process_id

·         Each session holds two process id’s one is parent process and child process (which is current running process id). Parent process id will be workflow id under which many sessions as child processes.

·         If the workflow is already in running status , there is a contradictory situation for operating system to kickoff another instance of same process which has to write the content to same block on the swap space.

·         But from Informatica 9.1 onwards you have an option at workflow properties level (Configure Concurrent Workflow Run) with this option enabled multiple users can have their own workflow run instance at the same time without any conflict.


  1. Appreciation for nice Update, I found something new and folks can get useful information about informatica Online Training

  2. Where can we see the service manager process

  3. Hello,
    How to check the service manager process in Linux.

    1. hi Shahina

      Pls get the service manager port number & check the process for that port number is alive.



  4. I have a scneario, i have re-started my services through script, i want to know if all the services are available or not which are available in the domain.

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