Typical Roles In DWH Project

  •    Project Manager
  •    Database Administrator
  •   DWH Platform Admin
  •   DWH Architect
  •   Platform Architect
  •    ETL Developer
  •    OLAP Developer
  •  Data Modler
  •  QA Group
  •  Unix Admin

  •  Network Admin

  • Project Manager:  This person will oversee the progress and be responsible for the success of the data warehousing project. 
  • DBA: This role is responsible to keep the database running smoothly. Additional tasks for this role may be to plan and execute a backup/recovery plan, as well as performance tuning.
  • DWH Architect: This role is responsible for developing and implementing the overall technical architecture of the data warehouse, from the backend hardware/software to the client desktop configurations.
  • ETL Developer: This role is responsible for planning, developing, and deploying the extraction, transformation, and loading routine for the data warehouse.
  • OLAP Developer/Reporting Part: This role is responsible for the development of OLAP cubes. 
  • Platform Architect : Responsible for the Overall Infrastructure Build.
  • Data Modler: This role is responsible for taking the data structure that exists in the enterprise and model it into a schema that is suitable for OLAP analysis. 
  • QA Group: This role is responsible for ensuring the correctness of the data in the data warehouse. This role is more important than it appears, because bad data quality turns away users more than any other reason, and often is the start of the downfall for the data warehousing project.

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