Write Backward Compatible Session Log File Format

Informatica Powercenter Monitor is set to read only the binary files. Hence by default powercenter generates the .bin sesslogs & workflow logs. In order to make it generate the both .BIN & ASCII text format logs, You can've the 'Write Backward Compatible Session Log File' property enabled at workflow & session properties tab at the design phase, Suppose if you've already done with design & your workflows are running on the production. Pls use the mass update command from the OS to update the property. Suppose if you do not want to enable the property & would want to read the sesslog or workflow log in a text format you can convert the logs from binary to text format using the below command.

Command to convert the sesslog or workflow log from binary to ASCII text format.

infacmd.sh convertLogFile  -in InputFile  -fm Text  -lo OutFile.txt

Steps to run the massupdate command

Step 1: Run the pmrep command on the OS (server).

Step 2 : Connect to the Repository using the below connect command.

connect -r Repository_Name -d Domain_Name -s Native -n Admin_User -x Admin_Password

Step 3 : Run the massupdate command.

massupdate -t session_property -n 'Write Backward Compatible Session Log File' -v 1 -f FOLDER_NAME –g

Here is the output of mass update command.

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