Steps to Upgrade a 9.1 Repository to 9.5

Here are the steps to upgrade a 9.1 Repository to 9.5:

1.    Create a temporary Repository service in 9.1 with the same name and            
          database credentials that you would like to have the 9.5 Repository service 
        say:  RS95

2.    Take backup of original Repository service from admin console-> Repository             service-> backup contents.

3.    Now, restore the contents in RS95 using the backup file created in step 2.

4.    Disable RS95 in 9.1 admin console.

5.    Go to 9.5 Aadminconsole.

6.    Create a Repository service with the same name as in step 1: RS95 pointing to        same database credential.

7.    Choose not to create contents as the repository already has contents.

8.    Once you enable this service, it will prompt for upgrade.

9.    Upgrade the contents.

10.   Now, you can delete the Repository service(RS95) from 9.1 now.
  • Taking the backup of 9.1 Repository. Install 9.5 on Linux/Unix and restore it. After restoring need to upgrade to 9.5” is not a recommended option for upgrade.
  • You cannot restore 9.1 Repository backup into 9.5 Repository directly. This is not allowed.

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