*********** FATAL ERROR ***********

Some of the sessions running on the production suddenly started terminating with the OS error message mentioned below.

Below is the error message written on to the sesslog :

node00_Informatica :  *********** FATAL ERROR : Caught a fatal signal or exception. 
node00_Informatica :  *********** FATAL ERROR : Aborting the DTM process due to fatal signal
node00_Informatica :  *********** FATAL ERROR : Signal Received: SIGSEGV (11) 

Below is the Error message written on to the Integration Service log:

2015-02-20 12:11:22:ERROR:(30558|MANAGER):(IS|Integration_Service) : node00_Informatica
CEF_23005 : Failed to create thread due to operating system error [Resource temporarily unavailable]"

Solution : We set the following parameters to below mentioned respective values on the OS for the Informatica OS account.

open files                   (-n) 16384
max user processes    (-u) 16320

You can use the command (ulimit -a) to verify the (open files & max user processes) on your OS server where the Informatica is installed.

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