How ‪#‎motivated‬ folks challenge the ‪#‎statusquo‬ by overcoming the demotivation ?

Motivator :

It is always very important to build relationship with the Motivators, They’ve an ubiquitous power & they do not need somebody’s permission to start something. They’re opportunistic & they always look for new opportunities. They encourage others to take an extra mile & they’ve the capability to adapt to changing dimensions. These guys comes up with lots of creative & thought provoking ideas. They always nurture, support the talent. They bring up the ethical values in profession. They learn from their peers, subordinates & accustom the professional skills. They always focus towards the self & professional development. They always create a diversified environment & try utmost to bring the diversity.

I was discussing with my mentor (A senior leader). I asked him a question “How to be a successful Leader” he told to me politely, In order to be successful make others as successful. You’ll see the happiness in others success then you’ll be more successful. I felt he is a real motivator & he falls under this category. The thing here is, To be a successful Leader create more Leaders delegate the authority & avoid the micromanagement. Contributing to others success is a fuel for motivators. 

I think the environment we create around us & the people we connect everyday contribute a lot to the self-motivation. Surround yourself with the good people & create an healthy environment that boost up your self-motivation. Do not ever try to play a game with this category people because they know how to battle the game.

This category people invest their time & money in learning as well as getting the accreditation for their learning. They’re more agile & more enthusiastic. Never hesitate to give any assignment to them, Just see how they begin, how they drive, how they finish with utmost perfection & how they get ready for new assignments. They’re more “Emotionally Intelligent” guys & they always try to build the harmony in their teams.

Demotivator :

Basically I do not want to waste my time to write on this category people. I'm thinking if we would get a digital equipment to measure these people’s mentality that would be a great help.

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