#DigitalIndia , Social Media & Rural Youth

Digital Identity :

Every individual must hold his #digital identity in the social media. Rural youths must accustom to professional #networking medias to create their brand identity to make themselves from local to global by connecting to the industry peers. Which will help them to evolve themselves as better professionals. India is a country with rich rural economy attracting global social evangelists & investors. With this growth content #marketing is going touch the rural economy.

Personalization of learning through #MOOCs -  Massive open online courses :

Which most of the #Global Universities have equipped with, Rural youths needs to be introduced with personalized learning experience to gain better utilization of online learning in order to enable this, Our rural youths must be given the free effective internet to access customized online courses as well professional networking medias. This is to enable our rural youths in better utilization of online learning as well as for better social connect.

Empowering rural youths on Social Selling & Marketing :

When #social media is an open platform, rural youths needs to be given training on how to use content marketing as an art to convert the effective content in to revenue generation & how effectively they can use the social media as platform to scale up their small business by online marketing research. 

Here are the few expectations from the digital India initiative :
  • Vocational trainings to rural youths through online channels & mobile apps.
  • Online training to rural youths on email account, #LinkedIn, #Twitter profile creations, resume building, blogging, email marketing & content marketing. 
  • Connecting rural colleges to corporate world for off campuses through an integrated online portal. 
  • Truly digitally connected online learning ecosystem.

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