I Neither Booze Nor Like The #Kingfisher Beer

I neither booze nor like the kingfisher beer but the truth shouldn’t be one-sided. We failed to isolate his personal & business life. It's the conventional mentality of our society to not to appreciate when everything is right & to blame when something goes wrong.  For an entrepreneur winning & loosing are the part of his game .Here are few of the articles where you would find right about #VijayMallya. I’m not defending him but I can say he is the man who broke the conventional practices right from his young age. We live in a society where doing an alcoholic business is completely breaking the culture or violating our rituals. I think most of the us are diverted by the words “Do not do that”, “That at is not right”, “You’ll fail”, “Hey what’s you’re doing that is  wrong”.

If a renowned entrepreneur’s one business failed at some instinct in the sense it doesn’t mean that an #entrepreneur do not have the capability but rather it needs some time to recover. It’s not just about winning every time, There should be a supporting environment built & which should be an ecosystem of nurturing the failed #innovations within the regulated environment.

When common people like us earning in thousand having the debt in lakhs, Why a billionaire can’t hold the debt in crores ?. I can say he is a man who enjoyed to the core. I was always admired by his passionate speech. Here is one of fabulous video found in #youtube recorded during his keynote speech in IIT Bombay. In his speech he said “Success is making ourselves happy”. This guy always grown up with a child like attitude. I think it’s very important for any #business man to be a child & enjoy despite of all his pressure

Where did he fail ?

  • Being a businessman he over exposed his personal life-style to public as a celebrity, Where people in India pointed it as- he live a lavish life, Our conventional society do not accept this lifestyle.
  •  He (#Mallyagate) should have sold out his portion of the property in India & tried helping to kingfisher employees.
  • Lacking in #CSR activities, Lack of initiatives taken by his group to create social impact in India. Otherwise it would’ve created a greater social impact in turn it would have added a bigger brand value to his businesses.
  • After the #Kingfisher Airline lockout there was time till the medias & banks start a #witch-hunt.  He should have well utilized the in between time to do something good will to banks.

     Here are the few articles I read & found right about him.

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