Is the precision agriculture going to solve the feeling of hunger ?


Technological advancements needs to be able to solve the fundamental problems at the agriculture industry in the underdeveloped countries. If the evolving  #digital #disruption is going to solve the feeling of hunger then it would be a great advantage to the human community. 1000s of #farmers are committing suicide in India over the last few days & the greenish agricultural land is getting converted in to drought found areas. Indian villages are famous for their rich cultural heritage & blended variety of agriculture but now many people are ready to leave the agriculture & start moving towards urban area.

Below are the main reasons for farmers to feel uncertainty about their future.
  1. Lack of rain & Increase in water problems.
  2. Crop loss due to the natural calamity.
  3. Frauds by crop vendors & mediators.
  4. Lack of electric power (Improper Electricity supply to village areas).
  5. Lack of Infrastructure.
  6. Fake seeds, plants & fertilizers from fake dealers & distributors. (From my personal experience).

How our modern #precision #agriculture is going to help farmers on this?. Is this going to predict these scenarios?. What is the contribution of software industry to the agricultural area?. Only few of the mechanical & automobile sectors think about agriculture & developed few farming equipments like tractors & crop cutters. But none of them are coming forward to produce the farming machines which are available to farmers in a very affordable price.

I was just going through a Forbes magazine. The front page of the #Forbes was saying “Humans are underrated”. Yes ..!That is equally proportional to this. All advanced predictive mechanisms are developed only for the highly economical & completely developed countries & it's environmental factors, conditions. Couldn’t we able to produce the devices which would help our farmers in the under developed areas?.     
There're need to be the devices developed which should be easily available in a very economical price for  farmers. This must help the farmers to identify whether the seed quality is right or not. This would help them in getting rid out of the fake seed dealers & distributors.

Though by seeing the soil color  & feeling it’s smoothness or roughness our farmers can tell whether the soil is ready for seeding & planting but they need digital instrument to get the accurate result. 

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